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August 8, 2020

The world is locked and crippled by fear, the world we knew eight months ago changed within seconds like a thief in the night. Suddenly everyone is afraid of each other, people have suddenly become contagious but God in Heaven is still open for business. We are overcom...

May 21, 2020

Do you really want to be effective in the vineyard? Hmmm Jesus is coming soon, it is time to work aggressively in the vineyard because the time is near! Most are afraid to venture in this area, rather stay in the comforts of the four walls where it’s nice and comfortab...

May 19, 2020

We all want to be rich at least the greater portion of the earthʼs population. But letʼs face it, money in the hands of the wrong people can be dangerous. The love of money has the ability to change peopleʼs taught process. Timothy 6v10 tells us For the love of money i...

May 15, 2020

When you had no Parents HE Carried you! Christ is our standard you may think that no one cares but in Ezekiel 16: 5 he said "No one had the slightest interest in you; no one pitied you or cared for you. On the day you were born, you were unwanted, dumped in a field and...

May 5, 2020

In spite of the fact society’s morals and principles have fallen the standards of the church should remain the same and in accordance to the Holy Scriptures. There is a trend in the western world for people to formulate an opinion of what the Christian lifestyle ought...

April 28, 2020

We are continuing our study on the book of Daniel in this study we will be

focusing on Daniel 2 v 23 - 44 in which King

Nebuchadnezzarʼs dream was interpreted by Daniel. The Kingʼs Dream which

was a Problem made Danielʼs Interpretation his Promotion! Secrets belongs to


April 27, 2020

The king Nebuchadnezzar wanted an interpretation to his dream but non of the wise men were able to tell the dream and provide an interpretation. Ps 82 v 6 children of God are Gods He won’t judge the righteous with the wicked. God is in the process of demarcating those...

April 19, 2020

Everything that is happening is pointing its fingers towards the saints of God because the devil is mad. The target is the people of God the church. What is the Church? Is it a building made with human hands? Does it have physical door with scheduled opening and close...

April 6, 2020

Coronavirus has crippled most because of fear and those who are called by His

name who are Christians who have made covenants and made Christ their Lord

and Saviour. The Lord is calling His people and encouraging them not to fear.

There is a difference between the fear of...

April 5, 2020

Many centuries old  prophecies are coming to past and the world is in chaos, we are witnessing events in this generation that the world has never seen before. And everyone has an opinion as to what maybe the cause or what they think the ultimate solution will be, howev...

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