The Proverbs 31 Wife

Hmmm so what do single sisters do when the fireworks goes off and they realise that their age can no longer fit on the calendar and their left hand is void of a ring? PRAY! That's what!

A lot of single sisters get anxious for a variety of reasons, number one, a woman's biological clock goes much faster than that of her male counterpart. Where a man can bear children far way beyond thirty something. For a woman it takes God's special grace and divine intervention. Ladies there is hope, with Christ there is always hope. So be anxious for nothing Philippians 4:6-7 says it all.

Apart from the fact that each year is filled with many shock and awe headliners, that keeps most people on the edge. The most popular topic is that pertaining to relationships and marriage, can you imagine! The media doesn't seem to make it any easier for those that are single and waiting. They do a great job in promoting must haves and must see that are couple oriented. Ladies there is hope, wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord Psalm 27:14! When it comes to getting married, let God do the choosing, He won’t go wrong, neither will He disappoint you. And while you are waiting prepare yourself for the role of a wife it's a bigger role than you think.

Pray that God will prepare your heart and grant you wisdom that you will not be a destroyer, you will make kings and not destroy them Proverbs 21:19. You are the one that will make that house the home that you will share with your future husband. Into a home, that will be happy, peaceful and comfortable for you both. Your role is bigger than you think!

Your job is to enter into the marriage as an asset, not a nightmare, that man’s mother might already be praying for him to get a good wife. Let it be you! The Bible describes her in Proverbs 31 as being priceless and very rare, like a diamond, she shines bright. She is hard working and industrious. She will use her skills coupled with wisdom and help her husband to build an empire.

She isn't lazy, her husband will come home and find her busy preparing dinner, cleaning the house, taking care of the children, washing the dishes, working to improve the family's business or in the ministry helping to push things forward. Not in bed all day watching soap operas, or tearing another sister down on the phone and running up the bill. Tough as it may sound but a woman's wisdom determines the direction of her household.

Really now, we all want to get married but are you a good wife or husband as a matter of fact, are you an asset? Will that man be better off with you in his life? That is a focus question we need to ask ourselves, marriage is a serious and expensive thing, that should be entered into with serious thinking and God’s divine intervention.


Take notes one of my greatest wishes is to see good deserving single peoples meet each other, and get the love, respect and attention deserved in marriage as marriage is a course all by itself.

You really have to study real hard to pass it and when you do, you have to work even harder to maintain an A+ average. Homework should be done while you are waiting and continued education after the wedding bells ring and the honeymoon is over.

Most single sisters especially those over thirty something tend to, give up hope in ever getting married and instead focus on their careers. Quite a few tend to reflected on the past and find it very hard to remain social, as most of their friends have already moved on to getting married and having children.

Some have just given up hope on God ever answering that prayer request for a husband. So what is the solution to the sister who is still waiting? Keep on waiting my sister, its better to wait than find yourself in a world of hurt. There are many sister who have been encouraged to wait but went along with the marriage anyway, after a few months they ended up running for dear life, the.

So how do you wait, you may be asking. Most single sisters keep themselves busy by getting involved with the work of the Lord in their local church. This will allow you to get rid of unnecessary emotions such as emptiness, loneliness and equip you with strength, stamina and wisdom to hold on.

Marriage is not a door you enter through and if you don't like it, then you open the door and exit quickly! That's why much thought and prayers are necessary. I strongly believe that one has to work on making themselves complete and marketable, in order to be a good thing. That is how the Bible describes you in Proverbs 18:22 it say,Ephesians"He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and your husband will not only find you and it ends like that but he will obtains favour from the Lord! Don't take marriage lightly, in Ephesian 5:21 - 32 gives us the blue print of a Christian marriage from God.

The proverbs 31 sister prepares herself for the days to come during this preparation period, she examines some of the content of her life and see what needs to be excluded, in order to make her marriage a success and trust me it's quite a few if you are honest with yourself.

She work on bad habits or tendencies she is aware of and ones that might have been identified by a friend. Only a friend will caution you on your bad faults. Like learning to be a good listener and submission Ephesians 5:22-33. Educate yourself and always have something to offer in your marriage. Marriage is the first door to having a family.It's a huge job and entails a lot like keeping the house clean, cooking taking care of your family which we will talk about in the next issue.

Don't be a trophy wife be much more, be an asset! Change your routine, there are many destinations, choose the ones that continuously make you into a better person. And remember to maintain yourself appearance is important. Be a standard setter, someone that other will look up to. Get out call up a girlfriend go shopping, see a movie have a girls day out. If no one wants to go with you, go alone, get a new hairdo, get your nails done or at least keep them well groomed have a nice drive out to the country, go to the beach but do something to improve yourself and how you relate to others.

Make a budget for your own personal needs and call it the Me Budget and just have a me day. Trust that God will send you the right deserving husband and when He does be yourself and take very good care of him, don’t let him regret marrying you.

Love, respect and appreciate him, love, appreciate yourself and practise self control, your husband is now the head of the family. Learn to respect and obey him 1 Peter 3.

Knowing who you are in Christ and what He created you to be is one of the most attractive assets a woman can have and an important task you need to accomplish before getting married. However remember completion entails not only taking care of your outward appearance, the packaging is great but what about the content?

Completion includes working on the inner being woman, the person behind the brain, the heart that no one can see, the mind filled with hidden thoughts, the very core that defines who you are when no one is looking. Forgive hurts from pass the past so that you will be a good forgiver in your marriage. Don't enter into your marriage with heavy baggage's filled with insecurities, bitterness and lies. Ask the Holy Spirit to fix you and you will be fine look forward to finding Mr. Right and when you do cherish each other. Marriage can be a beautiful ride if you allow God in the centre of it. Join me in the next blog where I will share how gave me a husband.

The Proverbs 31 Wife

Melanie Okorie