Because You Are A Mama

Because you are a Mama

Mummy I decree and declare that because of the Proverbs 31 character in you, you will make your husband proud, you shall mount up with wings like an eagle. Your children will call you blessed. You shall run and not be weary. It might not make sense now but soon you shall dance like David in the midst of the congregation in the name of Jesus. The Lord will prepare a massive table before you in the presence of the enemy.

I decree and declare that you are covered under Jesus’s blood, the enemy can’t find you. Strangers will not reap your inheritance, your children shall care for you in your old age. You will have reason to celebrate and live to a good old age with excellent health. God will clothed you with Wisdom and surround you with wise councillors He will separate you from fools and make everything you touch prosper.

I decree and declare that because of the sacrifices that you have made for your family, friends your commitment to Jesus Christ and the responsibilities He as placed in your hands you shall reap even where you didn’t sow. Like Tabitha you will always have something to give cheerfully and you will receive plenty because your bread 🥖 basket will never go empty. The angels of the Lord will rescue you even before you call. The fruit of your womb will not be rubbished but rather they will impact nations like Daniel and the Hebrew boys they shall be role models greater than their mates. Like Esther you shall always walk and hold your head high like a queen because you know your God. You shall also know that you are a royal priesthood and a very peculiar person whose movement is a wonder. Be blessed 👀💋❤️