Name Change "(Evidence of Ownership)"

Daniel 1 v 1

I want you to understand that the book of Daniel highlights the history of how he was captured and enslaved. It is a scenario of what has happened in our very own lives. In this book Nebukadnezza would be represented as an enemy of your soul and the enemy of the children of God. He took the treasures of God and stored them amongst his idols. He took away the possessions of the children of God, he took everything that had value from them and held them in bondage. The first thing he did was to change their names, in some countries when a child is born he is given a name that has a symbolic meaning.

Often times that name has been in the family for generations because the name brings glory to God which was symbolic as in order for the enemy to devalue a man he changes his name and give him another name of his choice. The Biblical meaning of the name Hananiah is: Grace, mercy, gift of the Lord. Means "YAHWEH is gracious" in Hebrew. Mishael's Biblical meaning was who is what God is, Azariah God has helped. He exchanged their name to pagan names after pagon gods Shadrach derived from the Shudur Aku "Command of Aku (the moon god). Meshach i variation of Mi-sha-aku meaning "Who is as Aku is? and Abednego "Slave of the God Nebo/Nabu".

Daniel 1v3 the children of God are the Kingʼs seed when the devil is out, you are his target, he looks for you to hold you captive, he will use anything. He skilfully use the things that pleases your emotions and your appetite to hold you in bondage. Food, money, lust the bright shiny things of the world.

He doesnʼt want anyone of less value, he looks for stars and enslave them. Because he is after your soul, family, destiny he is after you. God is here to return and restore everything to you that has been stolen John 10v10. Nebukadneza told his servant to look for the best young lads, that looked good, so these were handsome youths.

They were well travelled, exposed and were knowledgeable in the areas of science, literature, mathematics the principalʼs honour roll best youths. He looked for eight specific qualifications. Princes and Princesses, people of value, quality youths (well favoured) handsome/beautiful without blemish skilfull in knowledge and wisdom refined and polished.

Whenever the enemy comes he gives you names, that contradict with the Father. Depression, stupid, canʼt make it, look at you, who are you and who do you think you are? Discouragement, distress, his strategies does not change he is still the old serpent. He will continue to preach to you that you canʼt make it. But you can, he will give you names.

These youth were taken from their homes and brought to a foreign land to be enslaved, it was a sign that they were under subjection under his authority. History records two main period of Science the Greek period from 600 BC to 200 AD and the modern period from 1450 AD to current days. They took them and taught them astrology, science, anatomy and the fine arts. The devil tried to change their mind from the mind of God to the mind of the world.

God has set us up for success to be knowledgeable and understanding to kno the times and act on it. In this new era the design of God will be displayed, menand women will be challenged. 2020 is a preparation period from now onward will be dangerous.

Nebukhadnezza looked for skilful and knowledgable youths. Daniel understood the times by reading books he read, Christian spiritual books, the news and the Bible. Expose yourself to wisdom and knowledge and ask God for wisdom to withstand the times.


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