Don't Be Afraid!

Coronavirus has crippled most because of fear and those who are called by His

name who are Christians who have made covenants and made Christ their Lord

and Saviour. The Lord is calling His people and encouraging them not to fear.

There is a difference between the fear of God and that of the devil. Before devil

attacks he presents fear 2 Timothy 1B7. Fear is a spirit the Bible says in 1 timothy

1B7 we should not be crippled with the spirit of fear God has not given us the

spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. The gift of God is not the

spirit of fear anything that interferes with your faith is not of God. The Bible

says that we will speak that we are going up and not down. Most people are

walking afraid because of coronavirus they want they want to introduce fear,

great fear, to the point that we are now allergic to each other.

Job 3B25 states “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has

happened to me”. Fear attracts the spirit of bad luck, wickedness, the things

that destroys ministries. Fear will possess you until you believe it and start

running from your own imagination. It is the opposite of faith each time Jesus

wants to speak to the disciples he said “be not afraid. Trust God! Do you know

how many times the devil attacks you in a day? Psalms 91 He that dwelleth in

the secret place of the most High God, shall abide under the shadow of the


There is a mark that is upon you that allows you to be covered under the blood

of Jesus. He shall deliver you from the sears of coronavirus in the name of

Jesus. there is more evil coming that will shake the foundations of the nations,

families and the people of the earth but it can never shake the foundations of

Jesus. Wether coronavirus, 5g, 4g, or 3g put your trust in Jesus. If the Lord

didnʼt build the house, he that labour, labours in vain. The world is dark what

you see is not what you get. The place may seem beautiful a wonderful

metropolitan city but beneath it dangerous things are happening.

They make covenant with death but this is not your portion in Jesus name. The

wickedness that goes on in the night shall not be your portion. There is a

pestilence his job is to shoot arrows but in the name of Jesus we destroy his


Those of you have lost the power of prayer go back to meditate on the good

news of Jesus. Do not be afraid you are free in the name of Jesus. Dedicate

yourself to prayer so that the angels of the Lord will come and encamp around

you and your dwellings.