God will Release His Secrets to you! - Daniel 2 v 11 - 23

The king Nebuchadnezzar wanted an interpretation to his dream but non of the wise men were able to tell the dream and provide an interpretation. Ps 82 v 6 children of God are Gods He won’t judge the righteous with the wicked. God is in the process of demarcating those who are worshipping in the spirit from those worshipping in the flesh.

After this season something worse than Covid 19 will come upon the land, it maybe a few months or years. That’s why our hearts should not fail, don’t move from pillow to post but ensure you keep friends with like minds or else you will lose your way, as far as God is concerned wherever He places you, ensure your mission is to do His will and create change. It was because of Daniel many lives were saved. The king had a dream and without remembering his he demanded for an interpretation from his wise men who were unable to meet the kings request, he was about to kill them all until God used Daniel because of the calling on Daniel’s life and interpret the dream many lives were saved.

In that place where you are the solution is in your hands go before the Lord He will expose you to the knowledge you need to make it. Covid 19 is not new it happened in the days of Nebuchadnezzar his dream was the virus that would have killed many if God did not use Daniel to do the interpretation. The secrets from God is the only thing we need as the secret is with Him and every problem has a secret God holds the key.

Keys are also called secrets, it becomes a problem when we don’t have the solution. There is a key, we need to use it effectively, no anger of the devil has the ability or power to destroy our life, family or peace.

In the days of Deborah people were going about their way until Deborah arose. In your family there are things that should not be happening that are taking place. Our Jesus does not change if He helped Daniel then He will help you. The man who has the solution does not live in the flesh He is a man of the spirit. It is God that changes time and season. When your time is up don’t stay in that situation follow God’s leading and move if He tells you to. God changes time and season He expands and shrinks, He puts the king in power and removes them as He pleases. Sometimes people have to give way for you to reach your full destiny God changes time and season but He never changes. He won’t destroy the righteous with the wicked. The problem that is in your family God will give you the keys to unlock the problem.

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