The King's Dream!

We are continuing our study on the book of Daniel in this study we will be

focusing on Daniel 2 v 23 - 44 in which King

Nebuchadnezzarʼs dream was interpreted by Daniel. The Kingʼs Dream which

was a Problem made Danielʼs Interpretation his Promotion! Secrets belongs to

God, we are going to look at the dreams and relate them to our lives.

The wise men, the men of renown the sorceries, astrologers, witchcraft,

scientist. They were the ones consulted when people had problems and even

more so now.

But Daniel got involved because he was taken into captive during the time of

this event. He would have died along with those wise men along with his

friends. But he consulted God because he was a men of God.

Dreams are encoded messages, the king had a dream and consulted these men

because this was his custom as a pagan, and because the dream terrified him.

He began to wonder what would have happened to his kingdom and his future

as the king.

God dwells in a marvellous light, Daniel went to God and the Lord gave him the

interpretation of the dream the king had. This has never happened before,

when a never before event happens in your life get ready because God is about

to perform a miracle.

Why do people go to obeah, voodoo, and juju? Because they want quick

answers, and quick results, no one no longer has the time to wait upon the Lord

God to perfect His marvellous works in their lives. They want quick results,

quick riches, quick marriages, everything in a microwave. But none of these

men were able to interpret the kingʼs dream because they are limited their site

is very limited, their site is myopic their eyes canʼt see far.

The only person who was able to do the interpretation was Daniel. If Daniel

didnʼt trust God and went into deep prayer and fasting they would all be killed.

But at the end of it all he was promoted and his life was changed. He was

known because of the dreams interpretation he became the ruler of everything

next to the king.

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