There are those who Build and those who Destroy!

In spite of the fact society’s morals and principles have fallen the standards of the church should remain the same and in accordance to the Holy Scriptures. There is a trend in the western world for people to formulate an opinion of what the Christian lifestyle ought to be, if you don’t please them then they relocate to another church. It doesn't stop their, they may even go as fas as to spread division among members and create division. Gradually you see people who were once friends, drift apart. Husbands turn against wives, brothers against brother because of whisperers.

Pleasing man doesn’t make you a Christian, most people thing that when they agree to every request, or always being nice then that equates to the perfect child of God. Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. To do this you have to know and obey His word, neither should you disobey authority however being a man pleaser will take you straight to hell. Man’s flesh always wants to feel good and is always commanding worship, it’s not your duty to belittle anyone, nor go out of your way to make people uncomfortable. However we are working in the household of faith to accomplish one goal and that is to cast out the devil. Not cast out those who are called by His name. We are here to depopulate hell and build up the kingdom of heaven.

I often think of the church as a healing ground, people come to church for different reasons. Some come to build while some come to destroy. But the world is watching our actions. The same people we preach to and tell them about the love of Jesus, they watch to see how much we love each other and how much we believe in our God.

Despite the role people choose whether their agenda is genuine or not to build or to destroy Matthew 16:8 tells us that the gates of hell will never prevail against the church. The devil is so subtle and often times the very people God has called allow themselves to be used by him and to become tools in the hands of lucifer. They slander their brothers and sisters without remorse. They tear others down not realising that their actions discourages others from coming into the house of God or even doing what God has called them to do, people who are destined for heaven are dragged to hell by gate keeper.

Instead of being the pillars they have become the bulldozers and the caretakers of hades. But Matthew 26:24 shows us that craftiness does not go unpunished. Ezekiel 18:30 shows us that God is watching our actions and gives us time to repent and turn from our deeds before he comes with either His rewards or punishments.

The watchmen have gone asleep and many have strayed from their post, the mothers of the church who should be teaching the daughters of Zion how to live by God’s principles have started to compete with children and the fathers no longer teach their sons because they are busy chasing after fame and titles.

Ezekiel 8 v 1 - 16 Israel represents the people of God He has put them in a place where there is milk and honey. The elderly men and women who are suppose to teach the younger generation are the ones that we’re making God angry. They were worshipping idols and transforming into reptiles. Women were committing witchcraft in the church instead of worshipping God they were worshipping the God of Tammuz. It made God angry He said those that would escape disease they would be killed by the sword/war if not by war then by famine, hunger. We need to cry out to God that He will save the land. As many pastors that the devil has anointed for the church to start worshipping money and who have set themselves up as idols Lord God have mercy.

The society begins with the church if there is no church the society is destroyed. We are the church. Society’s morals have disintegrated without even a protest, it has become the norm for people to walk naked, disrespect elders, family values have declined, love is slowly vanishing, children are growing up either without a mother or a father, two of each or neither of both, family has taken a new definition. And the man is no longer the head of the home.

Yet he wants to be the head of the church, 1 Timothy 3 v 5, for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?

In most cases even when there is a man in the household the woman is also competing for the title of wearing the pants. Being the boss and the commander and chief, not knowing what submission is, nor uderstanding the concept. God help us, we need to go back to basics where mothers and even grandmother use to teach their daughters how to live. Take care of a home and their families, people no longer enter into marriges that last a lifetime. It's only a wedding that expires after the emotional roller coster has caused regurgitation.

In many cultures and societies where the western world have looked down on, they are by far more advanced and sophisticated as this is still a custom and a norm in their homes. The belief in family and

values that keeps families togather. From a young age children are taught to respect their elders, respect others, and most of all respect themselves. They not only read the Bible but they live by the scriptures and their lives are directed by it.

In giving, give your all, whatever gifts and talents God has blessed you with, give all, that's how the blessings come, by stretching yourself. When insults come, count it all joy and that is how the glory of God is manifested in your life. People will tell you how much they love Christ until they are offended. It is so easy to offend people, people are very important to God. In the household of faith it takes wisdom to deal with people as we all have different issues. When you disrespect God’s people you touch the apple of God’s eye and you affect their faith by hindering them. But the scriptures says woe unto that man or woman through who the offence comes. The enemy does not go to a poor man’s house. That is why the enemy will continue to fire his arrows Ephesians 6:16. The Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing Thessalonians 5:16 sing and make music from your heart so that the temptation to sin will be lifted God will fight the battle and the Glory will go to Him.

To see God’s face comes with a great price. Jesus went through it all for us He was badly disgraces, betrayed by His brethren and then skilfully murdered by the coming together of the people and the government John 19:19. Through it all He sinned not, through insults, disgrace, offence, shame look to the cross let Jesus be your standard leave the battle for the Lord. Hebrew 11:6 teaches us about faith being one of the criteria. Many people are hard workers in the Kingdom of God many work hard to build it and some work even harder to tear it apart be a builder!

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