Expect War!

The minute you declare Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour, expect WAR! The enemy will be jealous and will or want to declare war on your conviction. Don't get frustrated fight back with the WORD not the world. Hide it in your heart Psalms 119 v 11 so that you will not SIN. And you will be armoured and full of amunition to oppose the enemy. The Bible says we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood, but again principalities and powers in HIGH places. They are in positions to crush you if you approach them as a carnal man defending his own ego.

So our fight isn't against mere humans like ourselves but unseen beings. Who cause people like ourselves to be offended by every comment and gesture. Every achievement, every promoting every blessing and miracle in your life. It fights morality, it hates unity, it opposes decency, it pollutes normalcy, it competes when there is no competition and it ALWAYS attacks PEACE. That's is why the Bible tells us in Zach 4 v 6 that "it's not by might nor by POWER. Rolling up sleeves and throwing punches does not fix the situation but the SPIRIT of GOD through CHRIST JESUS makes the difference in a mans life. With Him all things are possible once you believe Matthew 19 v 26. Let the spirit of God be your guide it will teach you answer that are not gained academically so that you will be wise and have knowledge, understanding and in all manner of workmanship be able to desern trickery, craftiness and talented enough to be a master at everything you touch. Exodus 31 v 3-5.