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Workers of Iniquity

Psalms 8 “ The Workers of Iniquity”

A prayer made to the Lord by David when he was in deep distress. He was in a dangerous situation at times people may look well, nicely attired, driving nice expensive cars, live in beautiful gated communities. But they are in trouble, they may be going through a dangerous situation, that no one knows about. Death crosses their minds, as at times they may even be considering taking their very own lives, despite looking so well. However the Bible said that David was in a a similar situation, despite being a great king. He was in a desolate state and he prayed for sudden shame to come upon his enemies.

Most times the enemy does not sleep, they are restless they are constantly aggravated, until they have achieved their own personal goal of destroying your life. When the world seems quiet, the night seems peaceful, SUDDENLY destruction strikes. Wake up there are things happening, things that are taking place. Yet the simple minded person will thing that the world is beautiful, peaceful, as the birds are singing, the trees are blowing in the wind. There is trouble that you need to be aware of the Bible calls such an individual “simple minded” because they are not aware of what is taking place, the trap that is being set, nor what is going on around them.

Unless we ask God, we may not be aware either of the dangers that are brewing, lurking in the darkness. On the surface it may seem peaceful but the enemy is at work, they may even come in as a friend to give you bad counsel and advice, attacking your mind, attacking your family, attacking your job, attacking your peace, with corrupted minds, you need to pray. The enemy wants to take your life SUDDENLY!

David discovered that there were many enemies who came in as uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and even mothers. Smiling faces however you need to be aware as you may think that someone is your friend because they are constantly smiling but that friend is an unfriendly friend trying to destroy your family, your home, your husband, your wife, your children. They are the ones responsible for scattering your family. That person came in as a friend is really a foe who is responsible for the delay you are currently facing. And now that they have achieved their goal they have disappeared because they were sent by the enemy.

Today the Lord is saying that you need to humble yourself PRAY because the world is full of trouble, they may come around as a friend but they are unfriendly friends who are just waiting to destroy you!

Psalms 8 says, depart from me ALL workers of iniquity! Satanic workers they represent darkness! Ephesians 6:12 says for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, you are not being fought because of what you have done, you may be a lovely soul but listen it runs deeper and it is larger than you think. It runs deep down in the lines of your mother, grandmother a situations you have no knowledge of that caused jealousy within the family and the devil is mad. He has used that situation to cause deep contention within the hearts of men and now your are being pursued and you are wondering “what have I done”? The enemy is mad but keep on your knees as the devil will take people far in their minds to do wickedness. Unless the Lord builds a house they that labour, labour in vain, that is why we need to pray without ceasing as the world is wicked.